Author: maedhbha

A Few Gees More

What could be better than three Wild Gees flocking together? Four Gees! We dragged occasional Gee Niamh along on to the new exhibition in Dublinia about Viking Age Women. The exhibition is centred around a hypothetical Viking princess, fittingly also called Niamh. As we discovered on our


An evening with Clodagh Finn

Our evening with Clodagh Finn introduced us to some amazing women, the change makers who feature in Her Keys to the City, and the presenters who entertained us with their stories.


A Sheela no Gig at Stepaside

A theme emerging in our encounters with Sheela na Gigs is that they usually have a guardian. Some usually unappointed person who has taken on responsibility for protecting the lore around the Sheela, and in some cases the Sheela herself, and guiding those interested to where she